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Sorry, we are closed.

22 Sheds CIC has now closed its shed door for the last time. We have had great pleasure in the projects and collaborations we have undertaken in our three years as a Social Enterprise in the North East, and would like to thank all of our friends, colleagues and partners for their support.

The Founding Directors can now be found still busy in the region but in different places: Kate Percival can now be found at Hartlepool Council working as a Regeneration Officer, Lowri Bond can now be found working as a project manager for igloo regeneration and Sara Cooper is developing her practice as an artist most recently with Bowes Museum and mima http://saracooper.co.uk. If you'd like to keep in touch with any or all of us, this is how: kate.percival@hartlepool.gov.uk, lowri.bond@igloo.uk.net, coops1450@hotmail.com.