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Our Coatsworth Road 


A programme of creative community and schools engagement activities, commissioned through Gateshead Borough Council’s Townscape Heritage Initiative, around the conservation area of Coatsworth Road in Gateshead. This activity plan of community engagement included working with 3 local primary schools to explore and celebrate the street through visual means. In collaboration with creative practitioners, children produced designs for wallpaper, textiles and ceramics, all informed by their own research on the street. A pattern book was created and exhibited alongside other artworks and products at the Shipley Art Gallery in September 2017. A temporary Project Room on Coatsworth Road displayed the pupil's work as well as a timeline and image archive exploring the history of the street. Local residents visited the Project Room to share their memories of Coatsworth Road to create a personal archive of the street. This archive, along with activity plans from the original school sessions have been developed in to a resource pack, so local schools can run the project in years to come and help their students explore the history and visuals of Coatsworth Road.


Client: Gateshead Council and Heritage Lottery Fund


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